Three hours volunteering gets you a weekend pass. You can also get a single day pass on Friday by volunteering 1 hour on Friday, or a single day pass on Saturday by volunteering 2 hours that day. Volunteers sign up here.

(For those wanting to see a visual representation of the available volunteer shifts, take a look at this spreadsheet)

NOTE: All volunteers will still buy a ticket. The full ticket price will be refunded after you complete your shifts. If this is a financial hardship to you, please contact treasurer@seafolklore.org.


We need places for our artists to stay! If you are local and would like to volunteer to host festival performers at your house, please send an email to oldgrowtholdtime@gmail.com or contact Mimi Boothby who is in change of billeting.


Donate to OGO through Seattle Folklore Society, a 501c3 organization:

Seattle Folklore Society