Old Growth Old Time

October 10 - 13, 2024 - Seattle, Washington

2023 Lineup

Hailing from Portland, Astoria, Olympia, Puyallup, Seattle, and Bellingham, our lineup is full of home-grown acts from the Pacific Northwest.

Suzanne Girardot and Amy Caroll will be our featured square dance callers.

We will also have a LIVE podcast session on Saturday, hosted by Cameron DeWhitt of Get Up in the Cool. Come join the audience as they chats and plays some tunes with their special guests.

The Hurricane Ridgerunners

The Hurricane Ridgerunners was one of Seattle’s best loved old-time bands back in the day. Best known for their strong harmony singing, they can also tear up a hard-driving fiddle tune at blazing speed. Armin Barnett (fiddle), Jerry Gallaher (banjo/guitar), Mark Graham (harmonica), and Paul Kotapish (guitar/mandolin) focus on Southern old-time music, with splashes of bluegrass, country plus some of Mark Graham’s hilarious original songs. Don't miss this rare opportunity to revisit or check in anew with these veterans of the Great Folk Scare of the '70s and '80s, who are reuniting for a rare Northwest appearance.

Listen - Bandcamp

Cameron DeWhitt & Friends

“Killer clawhammer banjo (for real, [they] can seriously pick)... I’m off to do my homework tomorrow and listen to a lot more from Cameron DeWhitt! You should too.” — Devon Leger, KITHFOLK

“Cameron DeWhitt, at the age of 28 [is] already among the finest clawhammer banjo players alive.” — R.D. Eno, Banjo Newsletter

Listen: https://www.camerondewhitt.com

The Horsenecks

The Horsenecks play hard-hitting and heartfelt, traditional and original roots music. Their sound is centered around the pairing of the signature rhythmic Appalachian fiddle style of Oregonian Gabrielle Macrae and the inspired guitar and driving yet subtle banjo playing of Liverpudlian Barry Southern.

Gabrielle's playing style is the result of being raised in the Old Time music hotbed of Portland, OR and being exposed to the fiddle traditions of the Southeast US through years of traveling to festivals and learning from some of the greatest players in the genre. Her love of traditional music brought her to North Carolina as a teenager where she fully immersed herself in the music of the region and gained notoriety in the Old Time Music world as a clawhammer banjo player after releasing an album with the Macrae Sisters in 2008 that received glowing reviews and became one of the iconic Old Time albums of it’s generation.

Barry’s banjo playing ranges from thrilling and high-octane to moody and captivating, and his versatility shines whether playing clawhammer or driving three-finger banjo. Also an accomplished guitarist, Barry has been consistently active in Liverpools music scene for over 20 years, playing lead guitar with cult heroes Tramp Attack ( Must Destroy Records) and on into the UK Old Time and Bluegrass scene, playing with multiple groups. Harmony singing and thoughtful song writing bring The Horsenecks to the stage with a compelling take on the music that moves them; foot-stomping dance tunes, innovative fiddle-banjo compositions and heartfelt and inspired lyrics and harmony singing. Whether they are singing centuries-old ballads, their own songs, or getting you up and dancing with a barn-burning fiddle tune, they remain firmly rooted in tradition, paying homage to the depth and richness of the music they have immersed themselves in for the last two decades.

Whether performing as a duo or as a four piece The Horsenecks continue to set a new standard in today's traditional music scene with years of touring under their belts, appearances at major festivals in the USA and the UK and three critically acclaimed studio albums.

Listen: http://www.horsenecks.net

Dear Crow

Old-time tunes, original and trad songs, sweet double fiddles and lyrical banjo, tight vocal harmonies: a sound that is both nostalgic and bright with possibility. Dear Crow is the musical partnership of Brian Lindsay and Penka Jane Culevski.

Penka Jane began playing fiddle as a child and has been singing since she first heard the radio. Her forthright and emotive fiddle playing pulls the listener along the journey of every tune, and since she began songwriting in earnest in 2018 she's become known for her timeless and lyrically potent songs. When she started playing with Brian Lindsay, they found kindred spirits in each other. Brian is half of the powerhouse acoustic duo Countercurrent, and is nationally sought after as a contra dance fiddle player, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. In the heartfelt and vulnerable arrangements of Dear Crow, the harmonies ring easily, the songs pluck your heartstrings, and the tunes roll and tumble with the energy that only dance musicians can muster.

Listen: https://dearcrowmusic.com/

The Canote Brothers

Greg and Jere Canote are Identical twins whose music is all about having a good time. They do, you will. It’s steeped in Vintage Americana — forgotten fiddle tunes, swing classics, and quirky novelty songs — but with their own twists (and a few of their brilliant original takes on the world around us). They’re fabulous musicians, moving effortlessly among fiddle, guitar, banjo, ukulele and various hybrids, and their genetically-matched voices recall brother duets from the Blue Sky Boys to the Everlys.

The Canote Brothers were recently the subject of a documentary by Larry Edelman. https://thecanotetwins.com


The Paradise Drifters

The Paradise Drifters are a Seattle band playing honky-tonk inspired original songs that will get you dancing and singing along to tales of love, heartbreak, whiskey and gin.

The Drifters are: Carmen Ficarra, guitar and vocals. Kate Lichtenstein, guitar, fiddle, piano and vocals. Tom Collicott, lead guitar. Alex McLeod, drums & vocals. Matt Setter, bass.

Listen: https://theparadisedrifters.com

The Atlas Stringband

Atlas String band has been playing dances and performing since 2005 in various musician configurations. Always a draw for dancers who love driving rhythm and great tune choices and for listeners who love their tight harmonies and friendly banter. A band you want to dance to and listen to, always a great time! Current configuration includes Tom Collicott on guitar, Morgan John on banjo, David Parker on fiddle, Avi Allison on bass and Marty Rubin on mandolin.

The Dream Goats

Dream Goats play American old-time, Celtic, and original fiddle tunes with some country and folk songs thrown in the mix. Celine, Stuart and Claire are multi-instrumentalists who combine fiddles, guitars, banjos, cellos, (and sometimes more) in their interpretations of traditional music.

Listen: https://celineparton.bandcamp.com/track/jar-of-honey

River Scheuerell & Annie Davis

River Scheuerell and Annie Davis have been playing music together since they were little kids, forging an intuitive and playful musical connection. Growing up in the rich Olympia old time music community, they developed a sound that is deeply rooted in tradition, while bringing a youthful energy, driving the music forward to a new generation. In a set, River and Annie deftly jump between rollicking and loping fiddle tunes, soulful ballads, and songs of heartache and jubilation.

Roscoe's Gone

From the hills of Pasadena to the shores of Lake Washington Candy Goldman has been playing , teaching and loving Oldtime music since the mid-1970’s. Bill Meyer has been playing old time music on the fiddle, guitar, mandolin and piano since the mid ‘60s. He’s played with Wade Mainer, Melvin Wine, Tiny Moore, Hank Bradley and Candy Goldman. Hank Bradley was captured by the San Mateo County Draft Board in August 1963 and sentenced to two years at Fort Bragg, NC, from which he covered many miles chasing after and learning from Old Growth musicians in North Carolina and Virginia.

WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow

WB Reid and Bonnie Zahnow have been a big part of the Seattle old time music community for decades, playing in several bands for dances, concerts, and parties for people of all ages. Expect to hear fiddles, guitars, banjos, and harmony singing.

Listen: www.wbandbonnie.com/